Trigger Point Injections


 Trigger Point Injections

What are trigger point injections?

Our muscles and organs are completely encased in connective tissue called fascia. When the fascia becomes tight or constricted, it can cause pain in the immediate area, but it can also cause referred pain in another area as the body compensates for its restricted movement. Points of tightness, tenderness, or discomfort in a specific muscle or area of the fascia may affect movement, normal function, or the quality of life of people affected by them.

A trigger point injection injects medication directly into those tight areas within muscles or fascia that are causing pain. These targeted areas for injection are known as trigger points. In some cases, trigger points may be felt under the skin as a knot or nodule. Knots may react with muscle twitches or pain when pressed on with a finger. These injections are an effective treatment for pain or discomfort emanating from a trigger point.

What conditions can trigger joint injections help with?

One of the most common conditions helped by trigger point injections is myofascial pain syndrome. When tightened bands of muscle tissue create abnormal contractions and intensify or spread over time to form small, localized areas within the muscle, these trigger points may indicate myofascial pain syndrome.

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