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Sacroiliac Joint Steroid Injection


Sacroiliac Joint Steroid Injection

A sacroiliac joint block or otherwise known as a sacroiliac (SI) joint injection is used to both diagnose and treat lower back pains and sciatica indications that are related to sacroiliac joint dysfunction. Connected to the sacrum and the hip on both sides, the sacroiliac joints lie adjacent to the sacrum.

Sacroiliac Joint Located:
The patient lies down on their stomach and a pillow is placed under the abdomen for comfort and to arch the back while getting ready for the procedure. A fluoroscopic x-ray machine is then used to identify the sacroiliac joint. The skin and tissue of the back is anesthetized using a local anesthetic.

Needle Inserted:
A needle into the anesthetized track entering through the sacroiliac joint.

Steroids Injected:
After the needle has been inserted, a steroid-anesthetic mixture is injected into the sacroiliac joint. This procedure bathes the painful area in pain relieving medication.


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