SI Joint Dysfunction


 SI Joint Dysfunction

What is SI joint dysfunction?

SI joint dysfunction or sacroiliitis is a painful condition affecting the joints of the posterior hips. 

The sacroiliac joint is formed by the articulation between the outer side of the spine's sacrum and the inner side of the butterfly-shaped hip bone, the ilium.


The most common symptom is pain in the low back that lateral to the midline. It can be exacerbated by sitting, standing, or bending at the waist. SI joint dysfunction can also refer pain into the front of the hip.

Causes and Risks

Alterations in the normal motion of the joints causes SI joint pain. There are two types of changes from normal motion that can cause problems. Often times hyper-mobility due to laxity or dysfunction of the ligaments of the joints can cause this pain. Abnormal twisting or excessive motion of the joint can inflame the joints by stretching or straining the sacroiliac ligaments. SI joint dysfunction may also result from direct trauma, such as injuries incurred in a motor vehicle accident, or a slip and fall.

Treatment and Prevention

Interventional pain techniques are very effective in reducing SI joint pain. The pain from SI joint dysfunction may also be relieved with anti-inflammatory medication and physical therapy. For more effective and longer-lasting relief, steroid injections of the SI joint or PRP therapy are an option.

One of the most prevalent causes of low back pain occurs due to sacroiliac joint pain. At Modern Pain & Spine we can help you find relief with accurate diagnostic techniques and effective minimally invasive treatments.

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