Shoulder Arthritis


 Shoulder Arthritis

What is Shoulder Arthritis?

The type of arthritis that typically affects the shoulders is osteoarthritis.


Symptoms can be stiffness, swelling and pain. Movement of the shoulder joint will often times increase the pain. 

Causes and Risks

Osteoarthritis in most cases is due to deterioration of the cartilage of the joint over time. Trauma can also accelerate the degeneration of the joint.

Osteoarthritis of the shoulder is more common in the elderly and those whose work involves strain on the shoulders.  A healthy shoulder is protected by a cartilage cover. This cartilage allows the bone to move easily within the joint. A shoulder afflicted with osteoarthritis causes the cartilage to erode. Recurring movements or trauma will hasten this degeneration.

Treatment and Prevention

Anti-inflammatory medications, as well as corticosteroid injections and of course physical therapy can help to lessen the pain associated with osteoarthritis of the shoulder.

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