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Neck Pain


 Neck pain

Causes of neck pain

The neck can be susceptible to trauma and injury principally due to its anatomy.  Neck pain can have many different causes. A neck strain is a common source of neck pain. This is when the muscles and ligaments of the neck are involuntarily stretched beyond their normal range of motion. Neck pain can also be caused by arthritis and degenerative disc disease. Motor vehicle accidents can result in sudden jerking of the head which often characterized as whiplash.

When whiplash occurs, the spine is forced to move beyond its normal range of movement. This violent movement can damage the bolstering muscles and ligaments of the neck.


Neck pain can range from a dull ache to a sharp pain. Aside from neck pain, there can also be other symptoms associated with the pain such as numbness and tingling sensation in the extremities.

Causes and Risks

Whiplash and neck pain can be frequently caused by motor vehicle accidents as mentioned above. Although more work injuries due to sudden jerking of the neck can also occur.

Chronic neck pain in most cases be related to age related wear and tear on the cervical spine and associated muscles and ligaments.

Treatment and Prevention

Consistent exercising, maintaining good posture, and ergonomic evaluation of the work environment, are all preventive methods to avoid chronic neck pain. Treatment options depend on the underlying pathology of the cervical spine. Some treatment options may include over the counter pain medication, muscle relaxants or trigger points. However, if the pain continues, other interventional pain management techniques may be considered. Diagnosing the correct source of the neck pain is fundamental in determining the appropriate treatment for the patient.


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